Student Loan Victories

I'm very honored and thankful to say that I've been thus far consistently able to reduce student loan debts, both public and private, by 50% or more. I just saved one client more than $20,000 by settling two student loans of his-- one from Sallie Mae and the other from RBS Citizens Bank-- at 50% of the current balance. The larger of the two we were able to pay the lender 30% of the debt up front, and the remaining 20% that he owes will be paid in small monthly installments over a period of several years-- NO INTEREST.... Read More


Student Loan Bankruptcy, the True Goal

Perhaps you've looked at my earlier student loan debt articles here and here, and you're discouraged. You're thinking to yourself that it's too much of a risk, that too many things could go against your favor in the case, the "totality of the circumstances" that the Court would examine wouldn't be enough to subject your loans to discharge.  This might be true, but you might want to try anyway, because:... Read More


Your First DWI in Jefferson County, Missouri, Part 1: Getting Your License Back

Getting a DWI in Jefferson County is, frankly, easy to do. We've got a slew of "DWI recognition experts" who patrol the bars and restaurants at target times, to swoop down upon unfortunate people who may have misjudged their blood-alcohol content before getting onto the road. Before they realize what's happening, they're outside of their vehicles following a flashlight with their eyes, walking a straight line, and doing whatever the officer says in hopes that they'll avoid a trip down to Hillsboro.... Read More


Common Objections to Bankruptcy, Part 2: I Make Too Much Money to Go Bankrupt!

This concerns many people who know that there are certain limits on what they can make and still qualify for a chapter 7 bankruptcy. But it is a misconception to conclude that one has to be nearly penniless to qualify. Not at all!... Read More

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